Thursday, February 14, 2008

See you on the radio!

I'm excited to announce that the taping of Athens Free Press' first show for WOUB's Conversations from Studio B is right around the corner! While the show will be identified as part of Conversations from Studio B, we have our own show title that matches this blog, Reform Radio. I want to remind everyone that our show will air, taped, this Sunday February 17th at 12:30 in the afternoon on 1340 AM in Athens. The show will also re-air later next week, Thursday morning I believe, and it is supposed to be posted on under the Studio B link of the Radio section of the site. As the host, I want to urge everyone to take a listen to us at least once out of these myriad times (of course, I would be flattered if you wanted to catch the show many many times) and feel free to spread the word about our show, too. Finally, I would love to hear any feedback afterward about the show or any ideas for future shows from anyone with two cents to put in. I certainly hope the show is informative, but I am also definitely open to suggestions to make it better.